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Virtual CIO: Services

Virtual CIO

For many companies, hiring a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT Director is an unrealistically expensive option. On the other hand, having someone with a wealth of experience in a senior position overseeing your IT strategy is a hugely important part of its success

Balancing need with budget

One major obstacle to hiring a senior IT Director is that much of the time needed to concentrate on IT strategy is intermittent. There will be times when a CIO needs to really focus on IT procurement, analysis, budgeting, regulation etc, and other times when the job does not demand so much of their time. By hiring a Virtual CIO, you will only be paying for the skills and experience of a senior IT Director when you actually need it, so you receive the same level of support for a much smaller investment.

A valuable partnership

The benefit to your company is the skills and experience of a CIO, but without the costs involved.

As part of the Virtual CIO service, we will:

  • Develop your IT strategy according to your needs and budget

  • Project manage installation of your systems

  • Ensure your systems are maintained and secure

  • Meet with you on a quarterly basis and report regularly to your Board

  • Be on hand for advice whenever needed

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